Our Milk Quality Lab Results

We are happy to report that we have received our latest milk quality report from Texas Department of State Health Services.  As a raw milk dairy we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality raw milk products possible and honestly, we have surprised ourselves with the results we just received.  It is our belief that we have a duty to show our customers the integrity of our milk.  Now we know some of you might not understand what much of it means, so to make it easy we will briefly explain the four most important test of the lap analysis:

  1. Standard Plate – Known as Standard Plate Count (SPC) is a test to determine the amount of bacterial contamination within a milk sample.  Any raw dairy in Texas is allowed up to or less than 20,000/mL.  The SPC in our milk tested at 250/mL.
  2. Coliform – This test determines how sanitary the milk is from leaving the cow as she is being milk, through the equipment used to process, to the end state of being in a 1 gallon jug.  Some of the most important bacterial contamination tested for is E. Coli and cow feces.  We are allowed by law up to 10/mL, we scored -1/mL.
  3. Growth Inhibitor (Antibiotics) – This test screens for antibiotics and other drugs in the cows system, there were none found in our milk.
  4. Somatic Cell – Also known as Somatic Cell Count (SCC), this lab test determines the amount of abnormal cells in the milk, for example, if a cow has mastitis there will be a large amount of somatic cells.  Raw milk is allowed to have 750,000/mL, we scored at 2000/mL.  The national average according to a report from 2014 Click Here was 200,000 mL, for Texas the average was 194,000mL.  As you can see our milk was incredibly below state and national averages!
Milk Quality Report

Milk Quality Report

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