Kefir: The Queen of Fermented Foods

Kefir is by far the most powerful and healing of all fermented foods. Home made kefir made with kefir grains and raw organic pastured milk contain up to 56 types of probiotics. Making your own kefir is quite simple. The most challenging part can be locating the kefir grains to start the process, but there […]

Source: Kefir: The Queen of Fermented Foods

Election Day Sales #Raw Milk & Angus Beef

Big sales for this weekend, all Raw Cow Kefir quarts and half gallons are 50% off, Grass-Fed Angus Beef cuts are all 15% OFF!!  For our Kombucha customers if you bring your glass mason jar back to our store get .50c back per jar!



First Bull Calf of The Year

Here is our first bull calf for the new year, he is a very pretty boy that loves attention and running around the barn.  Next time you stop by the farm ask to see George!


George Our Bull Calf


Store Bought Eggs How Much Do You Know?

When you go to the grocery store do you think “where does this food come from?”  Seems like a silly question but it is amazing how many people think food comes from the grocery store and that’s it!  In a recent article we ran across The Scary Thing You Never Knew About Grocery Store Eggs (Click Here to Read More) discusses how there is a date by which the eggs are “best by,” but it does not tell you how old the eggs are.  It further discusses how the FDA does not require an expiration or expired date on food products and that it’s up to the manufacture to post any additional data.  We always incourage people to research the food they buy, being aware of what we are consuming is very important for our health.  Below are some cool facts about eggs that everyone should know.


If you don’t want to have to worry about the eggs you are buying.  You can rest assure that our eggs from the time the chicken lays them to being in our refrigerator is within a few days.

New Weekly Sales!

Please check out our new weekly sales page, we have many new sales going on for the next week or so!  Let us know if you have any questions, there is no limit to the amount  you buy.

Cajeta Anyone?

If you want to try some of the best caramel you will every have stop by the store and pick some up next time you are in.  We just made our first batch this year and it is amazing, the texture is very nice and the caramel has a very rich flavor that is not overwhelming.  This goes great with ice cream and fruit!


Cajeta Caramel Homemade!

We Now Have Hamburger

Just in we have 1.5 lbs packages of hamburger.  We also have bones which we don’t expect to last long due to the many request over the past few months.  There are a limited amount of other selections of the cow, give us a call if you have any questions or want to reserve some products.  We hope to see you soon!


Cow Kefir Sale

We now have on sale 1/2 gallon of cow kefir for only $8.00!  Our kefir contains 38 probiotics which is extremely good for your gut.  Remember that the majority of your immune system is in the gut, feed your system the good stuff!  We will run this sale until the 21st of February or until supplies last, thank you and hope to see you soon.

How to Make Kefir

We have posted under our recipes tab the process to make Kefir.  We do sell Kefir grains if you are interested in making your own.  Next time you visit let us know if you are interested and we can walk you through the process and show you how we do ours.  If you would like to print the instructions please let us know and we can email them to you.