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Antibiotics Side Effects:

Here is a great article on antibiotics and what they do to your body.  The article does a great job bring to light how medication is over used and how maintaining health has really lost its foundation.  You can read this article here Click For Article.

One of the biggest downsides to the use of antibiotics is the havoc it brings to the gut.  Many people done realize that these types of drug completely eliminate all the good bacteria in the gut.  One way to restore these natural bacteria is through fermented food such as Kombucha and Kefir.


Pet Care and Natural Parasite Prevention:

If you have ever wondered if what you are giving your pet to prevent parasites (such as fleas, heart worms, hook worms, and many others) is safe?  You aren’t the only ones, some of our people here at the farm have been using food grade diatomaceous-earth  on their pets and have noticed a huge difference.  First, they don’t have to worry about using any chemicals that could potentially harm their animals.  They simply put a cup of diatomaceous earth in the entire container/bag of dog food and mix it in.  Once it binds to the dog food it usually “soaks in” to an almost unnoticeable state.  They have been doing this for a few years and report that not only have their dogs never had worms again but never a flea problem as well.  We encourage you to check it out and see if it’s something you might switch to, check out the links below for more information.


Raw Milk Benefits:

There are many benefits to drinking raw milk check out the link below to read about a recent study.

European Study Shows Connection Between Consumption of Raw Milk and Lower Infections in Children