Family Pack Weekend Special

This weekend we will run the Family Pack special with a slight change.  For ONLY $20 you get 1 Gallon of Raw Cow Milk, 1 Package of Grass Fed Angus Beef Hamburger, and 1 Dozen Farm Raised Eggs.  Egg flats (2 1/2 dz) remain at $10, a savings of $2 each flat!  Until supplies LAST!!  Each healthy shop local!!

Flash Labor Day Special: Family Pack!

Family Pack $20 special is back for today ONLY, includes 1 gallon raw cow milk, 1 flat of eggs (2 1/2 dz), and 1 package of ground beef.  Raw Cow milk is back to regular price of $7 a gallon.  Egg flats (2 1/2 dz) are at $10, still a savings of $2.


Flash Sale On Egg Flats and Grass Fed Angus Beef!

Raw cow milk REMAINS at $5 a gallon, 2 1/2 Dozen Egg Flats are NOW $7.50 a flat, ALL GRASS FED ANGUS 10% OFF, no Limits!!!


Tropical Storm Prep Sale!

Starting this Friday 1 gallon of raw cow milk is $5 a gallon and 1 flat of eggs (2 1/2 dz) is $10, until supplies last NO LIMITS!  Stock up and be ready for what is coming, the farm will be open all weekend no matter what, we have plenty of Grass Fed Angus beef, Cheese, Kefir, and other products.


Back To School SALE!

Get the kids ready for the new school year by feeding them the GOOD STUFF!  This weekend get 1 flat of eggs (2 1/2 dz) and 1 gallon of raw cow milk for $15, a savings of $4.50!!!!  Get additional egg flats for $10 each.


Weekend Deal: Raw Cow Milk + Grass Fed Angus Beef = 20% Off Beef

This weekend buy 1 gallon of Raw Cow Milk at Regular Price get 20% off all Grass Fed Angus Beef Products!!

New Calf on The Farm!

Sophia gave birth to a beautiful heifer this morning.  Both are doing very well!!  Our new baby will be in the barn for some time so we can monitor her and make sure she has everything she needs to be healthy!  Next time your at the farm you might see her running around!

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3 For $20 Pack – Plus Milk Sale!!

Three Pack includes 1 Gallon of Raw Cow Milk, 1 Dozen Eggs, and 1 Package of Beef for $20.

Also on Sale, get up to three gallons of Raw Cow Milk for $5 each.

Sale is good through Thursday the 20th of July.


Mid-Month Weekend Sale!

Buy $15 or more of our beef products and get up to 3 gallons of raw cow milk for $5 a gallon.

Farm Fresh Eggs by the flat $4 a dozen.

We have a great selection of meat cuts that are perfect for weekend get together’s or family cookouts.  Hope to see many of you this weekend!

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Great Article on Consuming Eggs and Lowering T2D!

Egg consumption and risk of incident type 2 diabetes in men: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study.

Source: Higher egg intake was associated with a lower risk of T2D in this cohort of middle-aged and older men.