Dangers of Milk Pasteurization

A great reference chart that is easy to read about what happens to milk when denaturing takes place by pasteurization.


Cajeta Anyone?

If you want to try some of the best caramel you will every have stop by the store and pick some up next time you are in.  We just made our first batch this year and it is amazing, the texture is very nice and the caramel has a very rich flavor that is not overwhelming.  This goes great with ice cream and fruit!


Cajeta Caramel Homemade!

We Now Have Hamburger

Just in we have 1.5 lbs packages of hamburger.  We also have bones which we don’t expect to last long due to the many request over the past few months.  There are a limited amount of other selections of the cow, give us a call if you have any questions or want to reserve some products.  We hope to see you soon!


Cow Kefir Sale

We now have on sale 1/2 gallon of cow kefir for only $8.00!  Our kefir contains 38 probiotics which is extremely good for your gut.  Remember that the majority of your immune system is in the gut, feed your system the good stuff!  We will run this sale until the 21st of February or until supplies last, thank you and hope to see you soon.

How to Make Kefir

We have posted under our recipes tab the process to make Kefir.  We do sell Kefir grains if you are interested in making your own.  Next time you visit let us know if you are interested and we can walk you through the process and show you how we do ours.  If you would like to print the instructions please let us know and we can email them to you.

We Need Your Vote!

We have another idea but need your vote before we act!  Please leave a comment on what type of vegetables you would like Calico Dairy to grow if  you are interested.


Batman is our only bull calf on the farm.  Here he is showing off his new hardware, his new nose ring, now he is an offical bull!  The reason for putting a ring in a bull’s nose is to control them when they are adults.  Just like any animal if we need to tend to a bull for health reasons or just to move them some where else on the farm they can get very mean.  We try our best to train Batman to behave by spending extra time with him, we also put a halter on him at times just so he will get use to it.  There is nothing like getting in a pin with a 2000lbs bull and getting ran over, so the nose ring will help from getting injuried when he is an adult, plus the lady cows dig it!

Our Only Bull Calf on the Farm

20 Baby Goats and Counting

We now have a total of 20 baby goats and a few more on the way.  If you did not recieve our notice sent out yesterday, bring the family and come pet the babies.  They love as much attention as they can get.  Next to our store we have built a pin so anyone can walk up and give them love.  Hope to see everyone soon!