Product List & Price

  1. Raw Cow Milk – $7.00 Gallon
  2. Skimmed Milk – $5.00 1/2 Galllon (By Request Only)
  3. Kombucha – $10.00 32oz Mason Jar
  4. Cajeta – $10.00*
  5. Yogurt -$8.00
  6. Fudgie Milk – $10.00 1/2 Gal / $6.00 Qt / $3.00 Pt
  7. Fudgie Sauce – $12.00*
  8. Cream – $16.00 Qt / $8.00 Pt
  9. Cow Kefir – $10.00 1/2 Gal / $5.00 Qt
  10. Goat Milk – $16.00 Gal / $8.00 1/2 Gal
  11. Goat Kefir – $16.00 1/2 Gal / $9.00 Qt
  12. Cheddar Cheese – Price Varies***
  13. Gouda Style Cheese – Price Varies***
  14. Creme Fraiche – $8.00 8oz***
  15. Cream Cheese – $8.00 8oz / Availability Varies
  16. Snack Cheese – $3.00*
  17. Butter (2 lbs Pure unsalted) – $18.00**
  18. Farm Raised Eggs-$4.00 Dozen
  19. Lean Hamburger (1.5lbs) – $12.00
  20. Grass-Fed Angus Beef Available-Price depends on cut.
  21. Goat Meat Available-Price depends on the cut.
  22. Whole Farm Raised Chicken.***

* Currently Not Available

** Texas Law Requires Pasteurization

***Availibility Varies

Product prices are subject to change, availability of products can change due to the production level of our herd.

45 thoughts on “Product List & Price

  1. Thank you for your service yesterday! I’m interested in also getting cheddar cheese (not available yesterday afternoon), goat yogurt and goat kefir. When us the best day/time to get these products ?

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      • I believe your Market Is where I need to go. I will driving from Kemah, quite a long ways, but if your HWCream is just cream with not any additives then I am on my way! Hopefully this weekend!! What the sizes and cost of theses? Thanks so much.
        Mary Ellen

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  2. Can I buy dairy and meat products on wholesale and sell on retail? I have an all organic and natural grocery store near tomball. Lot of my customers referred me to you and wanted me to have your products in our store. Is that an option?


      • I wish you would consider keeping some Jersey milk separate. I, and others, are
        interested in A2 beta casein which is produced by Jersey cows.


      • Jennifer, we don’t have enough Jersey cows in the herd to seperate them. We have always mixed our milk in order to balance cream. If you have a question or could provide what your interest in A2 proteins we might be able to provide some additional insight. Usually when the subject comes up it has to deal with lactose intolerance or some type of allergy, let us know, thanks.


  3. Came to your Farm yesterday and bought 4 gallons of Milk and 2 Quarts cream.. When I got home I made a batch of Queso Fresco cheese, It is wonderful!!! Thanks to your fresh Raw milk… We are so excited to have found your dairy…Blessings


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