Between Holiday Super Sale!

Starting Tuesday the 28th of November we are having a TWO DAY SUPER SALE!!!  All products in the store are 25% off regular price, this includes half or whole beef Black Angus cow.  All sales must be purchased using CASH or CHECK ONLY!!  This is the time to stock-up for the Holidays.  Sale price good until supplies LAST!

Super Sale 2



Thanksgiving $5 Milk Sale!

Starting Tuesday the 21st of November to Wednesday the 22nd of November Raw Cow Milk will be $5 a gallon.  Until supplies Last No Limits!  The store will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day, we wish all of you a Happy and Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Raw Cow Milk

New Egg Sale & Raw Milk Family Pack Special Continues!

This weekend all Farm Raised Eggs are on sale get 3 dozen Pullet Eggs for $10, 1 Dozen Large for $4, and 1 Dozen Jumbo for $5.  The Family Pack Special includes 1 dozen eggs, 1.5lbs Lean Hamburger, and 1 Gallon of Raw Cow Milk for $20.  Thanksgiving is coming be READY!!  We also have available Yogurt, various Cheeses, and Whole Farm Raised Chickens!


Raw Milk Family Pack Special

For this Veterans Day weekend the Family Pack Special is BACK!! 1 Gallon of Raw Cow Milk, 1 Dozen Farm Raised Eggs, and 1 Package of Hamburger (1.5 lbs) for ONLY $20.


With Purchase Veterans will get 1 Pint of Fudgie FREE!! One per Veteran!

Thanks For Your Service!!

Weekend Raw Milk Sale!

This weekend, get three gallons of Raw Cow Milk for $15.  You must get 3 gallons in order to get the sale price of $15, while supplies last.  See you this weekend!!



Family Pack Weekend Special

This weekend we will run the Family Pack special with a slight change.  For ONLY $20 you get 1 Gallon of Raw Cow Milk, 1 Package of Grass Fed Angus Beef Hamburger, and 1 Dozen Farm Raised Eggs.  Egg flats (2 1/2 dz) remain at $10, a savings of $2 each flat!  Until supplies LAST!!  Each healthy shop local!!

Flash Sale On Egg Flats and Grass Fed Angus Beef!

Raw cow milk REMAINS at $5 a gallon, 2 1/2 Dozen Egg Flats are NOW $7.50 a flat, ALL GRASS FED ANGUS 10% OFF, no Limits!!!


Tropical Storm Prep Sale!

Starting this Friday 1 gallon of raw cow milk is $5 a gallon and 1 flat of eggs (2 1/2 dz) is $10, until supplies last NO LIMITS!  Stock up and be ready for what is coming, the farm will be open all weekend no matter what, we have plenty of Grass Fed Angus beef, Cheese, Kefir, and other products.