Farm Pack Special

Start Friday the 9th through the weekend get 1 lbs of Cheddar Cheese, 1 Gallon of Raw Cow Milk, and 1 Dozen Large Farm Raised Eggs for $20!!  Add additional gallons of Raw Cow Milk for $5 each.



Post Christmas Sale Continues

For those of you that could not make it to the farm, we have continued our 20% Off Everything Sale for a few more days.

Calico fresh market

Between Holiday Super Sale!

Starting Tuesday the 28th of November we are having a TWO DAY SUPER SALE!!!  All products in the store are 25% off regular price, this includes half or whole beef Black Angus cow.  All sales must be purchased using CASH or CHECK ONLY!!  This is the time to stock-up for the Holidays.  Sale price good until supplies LAST!

Super Sale 2



Thanksgiving $5 Milk Sale!

Starting Tuesday the 21st of November to Wednesday the 22nd of November Raw Cow Milk will be $5 a gallon.  Until supplies Last No Limits!  The store will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day, we wish all of you a Happy and Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Raw Cow Milk