Here are some new pictures we wanted to share, hope you enjoy!

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Life at the Farm

Farm Pack Special

Start Friday the 9th through the weekend get 1 lbs of Cheddar Cheese, 1 Gallon of Raw Cow Milk, and 1 Dozen Large Farm Raised Eggs for $20!!  Add additional gallons of Raw Cow Milk for $5 each.



Post Christmas Sale Continues

For those of you that could not make it to the farm, we have continued our 20% Off Everything Sale for a few more days.

Calico fresh market

Butter is Back!

We now have 2lbs Handrolled Unsalted Butter back in the store!!  Pick up what you need while supplies last!!



Between Holiday Super Sale!

Starting Tuesday the 28th of November we are having a TWO DAY SUPER SALE!!!  All products in the store are 25% off regular price, this includes half or whole beef Black Angus cow.  All sales must be purchased using CASH or CHECK ONLY!!  This is the time to stock-up for the Holidays.  Sale price good until supplies LAST!

Super Sale 2